I would argue that the overall sentiment is valid here, but the way it's presented is a dangerous oversimplification.

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New Zealand is literally used as a statistical benchmark for the failures of certain aspects of capitalism. By Gareth Vaughan of www.interest.co.nz, Denise McNabb, and Richard Smith of Naked Capitalism.

New Zealand is built on the land, forests and fisheries of Aotearoa. This thesis describes the process of concentration and centralisation of the top New Zealand corporate class fraction at three levels - the corporate agent, the corporate agency and the corporate structure. Colonial settlement took place on the basis of a treaty between an emerging independent nation, 35 Maori chiefs having declared independence in 1835, and the English Crown.

Capitalism is a System of Exploitation. New Zealand corporate capitalism ResearchSpace/Manakin Repository. ‘Far too many New Zealanders have come to view today’s capitalism, not as their friend, but as their foe.

Justin Trudeau, bless him. The extent to which socialism plays a part in modern New Zealand politics depends on which definitions of socialist are used, but few mainstream politicians would describe themselves using the word "socialist". Jacinda Ardern, who is to become the nation's youngest leader since 1856, said measures used to gauge economic success "have to change" to take into account "people's … Letters on agriculture, tree planting, socialism, ATMs, Phil Goff and scholarships. None praised New Zealand more than the Economist, however, which ran story after story on what it called a “free market experiment in socialist sheep’s clothing” that was “out-Thatchering Mrs Thatcher.” New Zealand’s neoliberal employment reforms attracted policymakers’ attention internationally. * Winston Peters' view on capitalism will challenge new Govt * The 9th floor: Jim Bolger says neoliberalism has failed NZ Of course many economies, including New Zealand's, are a … This is a man who built a whole brand on identity politics, changing laws in Canada to fit his political agenda.
Left in New Zealand ... Tag: Capitalism The trouble with liberals is….. Posted on September 22, 2019 October 3, 2019 by leftinnewzealand.

In Aotearoa New Zealand, a country that The Economist claims has the most unaffordable housing in the world, poverty, ill health, homelessness, and death, are produced as a matter of course by the normal functioning of capitalist housing markets. 793 donors have already invested in our efforts to combat corruption and predatory conduct, particularly in the financial realm. This is Naked Capitalism fundraising week. And they are not all wrong.

By Chris Baynes for Independent - New Zealand's new prime minister called capitalism a "blatant failure", before citing levels of homelessness and low wages as evidence that "the market has failed" her country's poor.