Strength Training for Approach Shots Yoga and other intense stretching Elliptical, rowing and stair-master. As you strengthen your body, you will be able to hit harder due to your gains in strength and explosiveness. Phase 2 Exercises: Barbell or dumbbell hang clean Cable push pull One arm cable raises each arm Cable wood chop Medicine ball push press Medicine ball standing twist with partner (6x15 … Hit the ball harder. If you can't stabilize, control and move efficiently with only your body weight, you have no... 2. Train in a Standing … A proper tennis-specific workout plan will increase both your strength … USTA/SOUTHERN NORTH CAROLINA-2020 Eno River Mixed 40 & Over 1. Bodyweight First The following exercises are commonly recommended: Dead lift Bent over rows Squats Machine leg presses Split squats Lunges Knee extensions Hamstring curl Calf raise Here are main benefits of strength training for tennis players: 1. The amount of power you generate is a function of strength + speed.