Apricots are primarily grown in Stanislaus, San Joaquin, and Merced counties throughout the San Joaquin Valley of California (Pollack and Perez 2004). 6. Traina Foods: Sun dried tomatoes, apricots, & other fruits Harnessing The Power of The Sun Traina Foods is the leading producer of California sun dried fruit for the industrial ingredient and foodservice markets, also offering sun dried fruits with the Traina Home Grown retail line. Trees at your local nursery are a couple of years old. The blushed orange, velvety skinned apricot has been cultivated for centuries and is an important food in many international cuisines. Many of Stemilt’s apricots are grown and certified organic and available under our Artisan Organics™ brand. William meets the explorers at a part of the orchard where berries are grown.' Apricot trees are usually purchased from nurseries, but they cost a pretty penny! Which is not to say they don’t … Apricots are smaller in size than other stone fruits. Growing apricots from seed is an easy project and, in fact, pits from a variety of fruit can be used to grow trees. In order to thrive and produce fruit, apricot trees need to be planted in a location which does not have long periods of freezing weather or late frost. Growing Zone for Apricots. But they are also unquestionably the least hardy of all the fruit trees that may be grown in the UK so planting Apricot trees requires some thought and planning. Planning for Success.

Mulching. California is also the largest producer of apricots. Apricots used to be very difficult to grow in Britain unless they were planted right up against a south-facing wall to protect the early blossom from frosts. Apricots bloom Apricots must be the most desirable of all the fruit trees to grow and often appear as number 1 one of the wish list. Currently, most commercial apricots are grown in the Central Valley of California, although Southern Australia also has a significant production. Apricots bloom earlier in the spring than other fruit trees and … Cross pollination between varieties begets uncertain results, so most fruit trees are not grown …

Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) trees generally grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through … However, Canadian plant breeders have produced cold-tolerant varieties capable of fruiting in cooler conditions. Genetic dwarf varieties can be grown in containers. Apricots are a Mediterranean crop and thus require warm, dry growing seasons. Historically apricots have been grown throughout the Central Valley and in the inland valleys such as the Santa Clara. Problems and Solutions to Growing Apricots. Over half the apricots grown are canned due to their short season. The fruit is known for its yellow/orange color and pleasant flavor. HOW TO PLANT FOR BEST CROPS Like most stonefruit, apricots do best when planted in sites with fertile, free-draining full sun and protection from strong wind. 5.

An orchard is a place where fruit is grown. Keep your apricot trees mulched through winter.

What we do know about apricots is that they are delicious! It is often eaten raw, dried, preserved and can also be used in a variety of recipes. They are the first fruit trees to bloom in Washington State each spring. Apricot trees are usually purchased from nurseries, but they cost a pretty penny! 4. Read more information on pruning mature fan-trained apricots. Plant bare-root trees in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked and while the trees are still dormant. It takes three or four years to go from the seedling stage to a fruit-producing tree.

Any county with warm, dry springs and summers and the availability of sufficient water should be able to produce apricots. Pruning mature bush apricots is the same as for pruning sweet cherries. The Ultimate Guide to Growing Apricots THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GROWING APRICOTS.