45 photos. Los Heliconias trail offers a great introductory experience to Arenal Volcano National Park hiking. Arenal Volcano National Park is the second most visited national park in Costa Rica with several hiking trails and view points, making it a great day trip from La Fortuna.. Located 15 kilometers from Fortuna in the northwest part of Costa Rica, between the foothills of the Cordillera de Tilaran mountain range and the San Carlos plains, Arenal Volcano National Park is one of the most visited destinations in the Northern Zone. Arenal Volcano National Park Trails. easy (43) Arenal Volcano National Park. Located just north of the national park entrance, Arenal 1968 offers over 30 kms (18.6 miles) of hiking/biking trails, including trails that pass over the original 1968 lava flow. Arenal 1968. Hi Tjaša, The 1968 Trail is slightly harder than the national park.

The park protects rainforest and river habitats and includes not only Arenal, but another extinct volcano, Cerro Chato.

We are the only La Fortuna hotel located inside the Arenal Volcano National Park. The country was shutting down due to Corona virus and since Arenal 1968 was a private park … Read more Save. Here is a map of our property: Download in PDF Format (high quality) In this aerial view, you can see just how close Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa is to the Arenal Volcano, Cerro Chato Volcano, and Lake Arenal. More. Both are great experiences. Another alternative to Arenal National Park is the privately owned Arenal 1968. The Arenal Volcano National Park‘s Main Sector has 3 trail systems (senderos) that can be explored on foot: the Coladas trail, the Ceiba trail, and the Heliconias trail. La Fortuna is a small town located next to the volcano. The elevations of the park range from 400 – 1,755 meters at the top of the volcano. Unless you hire a guide, you won’t learn much about the volcano.

The main trail at the national park that takes you near the lava flows is all flat except for the short portion that brings you up the lava flows to the lookout for Arenal Volcano. The Arenal region offers a full range of hotel accommodations and tour activities (displayed on our map below.) The Arenal Volcano National Park is covered with an authentic tropical forest surrounded by wildlife; it is a place to appreciate … The park is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. › Arenal Volcano National Park › Arenal Volcano Trail.

Arenal Volcano Trail. So maybe the national park would be better for you. From the Heliconias trailhead, you'll walk into a hedge maze of tall grass– a similar species to sugar cane. Arenal Volcano National Park protects 12,080 hectares or 29,850 acres.

Arenal volcano national park and Arenal 1968.

The entrance to the Arenal Volcano National Park is 16 kilometers (10 miles) from the town of La Fortuna, located on the same road to get to Arenal Observatory Lodge. Arenal Volcano National Park draws on the imagination as you wander through each of its unique and bizarre landscapes. This narrow trail starts across from the ranger station and leads you to the connecting Las Coladas trail for a closer look at the volcano. I checked for reviews on the 2 options available viz.

The Arenal Volcano National Park also has a roadway trail (dubbed the “vehicle trail”) that permits travel though a section of the park by car.

Directions. Hover your mouse over the map to learn more about a particular location. Outstanding birds found in Arenal Volcano National Park: Trogons (Trogonidae) Three-wattled bellbird (Procnias tricarunculata) It offers several hiking trails that range from mild to extreme hikes. Print/PDF Map Share Add to My List.