49th: Edmonton: 101st Regiment (Edmonton Fusiliers) Edmonton Regiment : 7th Brigade : 50th: Calgary: 103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles) Calgary : 10th Brigade : 51st: Edmonton: 101st Regiment (Edmonton Fusiliers) 52nd: Port Arthur The 107th Canadian Pioneer Battalion also came under command between Mar 1917 and May 1918, before being absorbed by the 1st Canadian Engineer Brigade.

The 48th Infantry Battalion, for example, was organized in Victoria, BC in February 1915, traveled to England in July and was re-designated the 3rd Pioneer Battalion in January 1916. 39 Signal Regiment (Victoria) 4 th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (Headquartered in Victoria) 5 th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA (Victoria, Nanaimo) The British Columbia Dragoons (Kelowna and Vernon) The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own) (Vancouver) The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's) (Victoria) The regiment is located in Victoria, Nanaimo, and Courtenay, British Columbia.It is part of the 3rd Canadian Division's 39 Canadian Brigade Group, which commands all army reserve units in British Columbia.One of four infantry regiments in British Columbia, the Canadian Scottish is the largest reserve unit in Western Canada. 48th Battalion served in the field as the 3rd Canadian Pioneer Battalion (48th Canadians), with the 3rd Canadian Division Served as 3rd Canadian Pioneer Battalion (48th Canadians) Mar 1916-Apr 1917. Feature Articles - The Canadian Expeditionary Force: Central Ontario Regiment Mobilisation. Pioneer units were added later in the war, including the 1st Canadian Pioneer Battalion from Mar 1916 to Feb 1917, when they became the 9th Canadian Railway Battalion. 1st Canadian Pioneer Battalion, CEF Award to the 1st Canadian Pioneer Battalion, CEF (GO 88/31) 2nd Canadian Pioneer Battalion, CEF Award to the 2nd Canadian Pioneer Battalion, CEF (GO 123/29) The Manitoba Regiment Award to The Manitoba Regiment (GO 123/29) The North Alberta Regiment

The 20th CEF battalion was authorized by the Privy Council on 6 August 1914 for service overseas and was mobilized on 7 November 1914 at the Exhibition Grounds, Toronto.

Several units were initially recruited as infantry battalions before being redesigned 'pioneers'.

'A' Company of No 1 Pioneer Battalion, Royal Canadian Engineers, was working nearby, repairing a plant damaged in an earlier attack....." p44, "A Canadian unit was involved here, for in March 1941 the Canadian Transit Depot, staffed by the Lorne Scots, was moved to Liverpool to be near a principal port of landing and departure. 107th Canadian Pioneer Battalion, CEF Award to the 107th Canadian Pioneer Battalion, CEF (GO 123/29) The Manitoba Regiment Award to The Manitoba Regiment (GO 123/29) The North Alberta Regiment Awards to the 31st Canadian Infantry Battalion, CEF (GO 110/29) and The North Alberta Regiment (GO 110/29) Footnote Footnote 1 Boer War Railway Pioneer Regiment RPR. 2nd Canadian Pioneer Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force with over a thousand men whose training gave them a combination of engineering and infantry skills. Pioneer Battalion Canadian Cavalry Pioneer Battalion 1916/12/12-1917/02/10 1st Pioneer Battalion 1916/03/09-1917/02/28 2nd Pioneer Battalion 1915/10/28-1918/06/04 3rd Pioneer Battalion 1916/03/07-1917/05/31 67th Pioneer Battalion 1916/08/13-1917/04/30 123rd Pioneer Battalion In total, Canada provided seven pioneer battalions as part of its wartime contributions. Guide to Sources Relating to Units of the Canadian Expeditionary Force 2 1st Canadian Pioneer Battalion Background Information Organized in July 1915 …

Broken up for reinforcements Apr 1917. About 18th December 1899 recruiting for this corps was opened at Cape Town; and before Lord Roberts commenced his advance from Bloemfontein to Pretoria the first regiment was organised, its work being to assist in protecting the railways and to repair bridges, culverts, and lines when broken.