A fascinating collection of fan fictions, centering around the original and most widely known Catwoman incarnation, Selina Kyle, and her evolving relationship with Batman, both when masked and not. Is the bat attracted to the cat?" Cat-Tales tells the truth behind that fiction, revealing characters that are more complex and fully-human than anyone thought possible. It all begins when Selina, fed up with the Gotham Post's continual smearing of her good name, starts up a stage show at the Hijinx Playhouse, named Cat Tales. Enjoy!. "What's the matter cat got your tongue?" The life between the panels. Let’s say nearly everything you’ve read in a comic book is wrong.

4 talking about this. Everyone is excited about Bruce’s proposal in Batman 24 and Selina’s answer hitting the comic shops today in Batman 32.

The complete collection of Cat-tales by Chris Dee, the influential Batman-Catwoman series that became an internet phenomenon and electrified the fandom. Wherever you go the bat does follow. If it's Cat-Tales-specific it will go in that board. It all begins when Selina, fed up with the Gotham Post's continual smearing of her good name, starts up a stage show at the Hijinx Playhouse, named Cat Tales. Here are a few of his expressions. DC Comics Graphic Novels - Batman & Other Gotham City Characters Catwoman - The Movie & Other Cat Tales (NM-). Official forum for Chris Dee's Batman/Catwoman metafiction series Cat-Tales. Gender: Male Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Black & White Age: 18 years 8 months old This is a courtesy posting. "Batman … Catwoman is a fictional character created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Batman.The character made her debut as "the Cat" in Batman #1 (Spring 1940), and her real name is Selina Kyle.She is Batman's most enduring love interest and is known for her complex love-hate relationship with him.
This cat is not fostered by Cat Tales. The truth behind the masks. You can listen to the audio book and read all of the tales at catwoman-cattales.com The series started in 2000. General Catwoman stuff will go here. These tales from the 1970s are written by Len Wein, co-creator of Swamp Thing and Wolverine and writer of BEFORE WATCHMEN: OZYMANDIAS. Cat Tales is a set of Catwoman stories by Chris Dee, set in a universe based on DC Comics and the animated DC universe, and revolving around a Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne ship.
The man behind the bat; the woman within the cat. There is, for instance, some kind of movie being made. donated . Meet Batman and Wilson – two of the sweetest feline brothers that you will ever meet!

The Batman of Cat-Tales is a bit more nuanced than the life support for a fist prevalent in many portrayals.

Back to Homepage | Best of Cat-Tales | Read Individual Tales | Collected Tales Latest Tale: Mrs. Wayne : Bruce and Selina begin their married life together but a killer is … Cat-Tales is a popular Batman fan-fiction series taking place in the “real” Gotham City, where the events depicted in Batman and other comics are understood to be the exaggerations, and sometimes the outright fictions, of tabloid journalists. Catwoman: The Movie & Other Cat Tales ( #0) Batman: Zero Hour (#0 & 14) Catwoman by Jim Balent Book One (#0-14) Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Volume 2 (#6-7) Batman… The Bruce and Selina relationship is the heart of Cat-Tales, so we're going to start featuring some videos to share with your friends to show them what the series is about. A Batman/Catwoman Cat-Tales/DC Comics Infographic . If Batman was anything to her he was a master of mixed signals. Halloween Kostüm Halloween Costumes Halloween Mermaid Halloween Decorations Batman Wedding Do It Yourself Fashion Looks Cool City Art Hair Bows. Batman Humor Collection by Cat-Tales. Catwoman - The Movie & Other Cat Tales NM-.

Heart-stopping romance, side-splitting humor, and poignantly understated tragedy, it’s all here: the man inside the Bat, the woman within the Cat, the life between the panels, the truth behind the masks. The Batman/Catwoman shipper arc "Cat Tales" is consistently funny.In the first book, "A Girl's Gotta Protect Her Reputation", Catwoman decides to set the record straight regarding various falsehoods and rumors circulating around her(in other words, a fix-fic for everything that's happened to her since the "Officer Down" arc), by telling her side of the story...in a stand-up routine. Sep 21, 2019 - Strange as it may seem, not everything about Catwoman is related to Cat-Tales.