Compass tattoos are popular among adventurers and nomads who travel a lot. Heart Compass Tattoo The shading work is brilliant, and it gives a gorgeous watercolor effect to the ink. Heart compass tattoo. The meaning associated with the design also tends to influence the placement of the design. The design looks spectacular with the tiny features and the compass enhancing the design. 33. The world map at the background of the compass adds a nice touch to the overall design. We’ll discuss some of those meanings in this article to help you decide whether a compass tattoo would suit you well. If you strongly believe that your intuition is the most important guiding principle in your life, then this could be the right tattoo for you. This combination quite clearly expresses the notion of following your heart. A compass tattoo holds several other meanings that make it perfectly suitable even for non-seafarers. A heart compass tattoo means following your heart, or having the courage to let your heart guide your decisions in life. While this compass tattoo may look pretty basic, there’s actually more to it than meets the eye. Compass tattoos are a great design choice for people of all ages and from all backgrounds… you don’t have to be a sailor to appreciate the great symbolism! Hourglass tattoo design expresses different meanings to people differently.