Henry Knox was an energetic, 300-pound, self-taught soldier who became the chief artillery officer of the Continental Army and a close confidant of George Washington. When Knox was nine years old, his father died. General Henry Knox was a close friend of George Washington’s, and the first Secretary of War. He is best known for transporting cannons and other artillery from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston through icy conditions using oxen. The boy gave up formal schooling and became a bookstore clerk. Born July 25, 1750 (Boston, Massachusetts) Died October 25, 1806 (Thomaston, Maine) General, U.S. secretary of war. Why should the family of dr. Jose rizal strive to attain its noble objectives. Knox was best known for his development of the artillery and ordinance … Henry Knox. In 1772 Knox joined the Boston Grenadier Corps, a crack regiment, as second in command. He was born in Boston to Irish immigrant parents, the seventh of 10 children.

Henry Knox was a Revolutionary War general who wanted to build a strong American militia more important to the colonies’ victory against Britain, as well as the development of the early Republic’s armed forces. John Knox, (born c. 1514, near Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland—died November 24, 1572, Edinburgh), foremost leader of the Scottish Reformation, who set the austere moral tone of the Church of Scotland and shaped the democratic form of government it adopted. Knox was commissioned as a colonel in an artillery regiment. Henry Knox covers the life of the general that shaped the American Military and rose to be one of the top three men who emerged from the Army from the American revolution. Henry Knox (1750-1806) was a military leader for the Americans during the American Revolutionary War. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, he was appointed Chief Artillery Officer of the Continental Army. Leading a team of men and oxen through the snow in December 1775, Knox got the cannon to Boston by January 1776 in one of the most remarkable accomplishments of the Revolutionary War. Henry Knox was born in Boston, Mass., on July 25, 1750. Unanswered Questions. He led an important expedition to garner cannons from Fort Ticonderoga in northern New York. Knox quickly became the chief artillery officer of the Continental Army.

What did Henry Knox accomplish? He was also a self taught pupil of military history. While Washington will always be remembered it was also Nathaniel Greene and Henry Knox who helped Washington achieve the victory he did. By the end of the war, he held the rank of a major general after participating in many major and critical battles.

He was influenced by George Wishart, who was burned for heresy in 1546, and the following year Knox became the spokesman for … Two years later he married Lucy Flucker, whose loyalist father opposed the marriage.

He had to leave school at an early age to support his mother, who had been deserted by his father. What is syntribation.