What's the Weather like in Hong Kong in November .

July is the hottest month in Hong Kong with an average temperature of 29°C (84°F) and the coldest is January at 16°C (61°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 7 in August. The Observatory also monitors and assesses radiation levels in Hong Kong, and provides other meteorological and geophysical services to meet the needs of the public and the shipping, aviation, industrial and engineering sectors. Temperature in Hong Kong averaged 22.66 celsius from 1840 until 2013, reaching an all time high of 29.68 celsius in July of 1854 and a record low of 11.62 celsius in February of 1968. Here are the average temperatures. The warmest sea temperature in Hong Kong today is 28°C/82°F, and the coldest sea temperature today is 26°C/79°F. December - February: Hong Kong is the coldest between December and February.

Rain. The average monthly temperature is only 22°C, which is cool by Hong Kong standards. The weather is great for just about any activity- although the locals may have already started wearing a few extra layers. Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015.

Average annual rainfall distribution in Hong Kong between 1981-2010 Severe weather phenomena that can affect Hong Kong include tropical cyclones, strong winter and summer monsoon, monsoon troughs, and thunderstorms with associated squalls that are most frequent from April to September. Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate with distinct seasons.

Averages are for National Airport, which is 17 miles from Hong Kong.

Historical or past weather forecast page provides historical weather forecast from 1 st July, 2008 till now in 3 hourly interval. Average monthly sea temperatures in Hong Kong Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec °C: 19.2: 19.1: …

Annual Weather Averages Near Hong Kong. These average ocean temperatures for Hong Kong are calculated from several years of archived data. Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015. The best month to swim in the sea is in July when the average sea temperature is 29.1°C (84°F).

In winter, there is much less rainfall in Hong Kong than in summer. Averages are for National Airport, which is 17 miles from Hong Kong. Please also visit Hong Kong Historical Weather, Weather widget and Weather Charts pages. The bar chart below shows the average monthly sea temperatures at Hong Kong over the year. Hong Kong Weather In November With an average temperature of 22ºC (72ºF) and rainfall of under 25mm, November is considered one of the best months to visit Hong Kong. The temperature may seem like outdoor weather, but unfortunately.

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Also, many shops remain closed during the Chinese New Year (mid-January to February, dates change annually). Temperature in Hong Kong increased to 28.52 celsius in August from 28.39 celsius in July of 2013.

Sea water temperature throughout Hong Kong warms above 20°C/68°F and it is enough for a comfortable bath.

Hong Kong begins its “winter” in mid-December, which should really be called its dry season, with dry and clear weather. The wettest month is August with an average of 281mm of rain. Average monthly temperatures in Hong Kong (degrees centigrade and fahrenheit) Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec °C: 18.4: 18.3: 21.1: 24.7: 28.4: 30: 31.3 Get the monthly weather forecast for Hong Kong, Sha Tin, Hong Kong, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. It remains dry and cloudy during this time and the temperatures can drop below 10°C.
The temperature can exceed 31°C but high humidity levels can make it feel even hotter. The average annual temperature is 22.6 °C | 72.6 °F in Hong Kong. Annual Weather Averages Near Hong Kong. Humidity in Hong Kong can really ruin your holiday and when things really heat up a short walk to the shops can leave your shirt looking like a dishcloth after a spin in the washing machine.