Now the Lightweight rotor is no longer being produced, and the standard rotors I bought in Dec 2016 measure at 1.82 mm. Standard, floating and vented rotor designs available; A wide selection of sizes to choose from: 140mm to 225mm; All rotors come with relevant hardware to fit to hub; Laser cut stainless steel braking surface; Floating and vented centres available in: black, silver, red, blue, purple and orange; more info Product details Product Dimensions: 7 x 8 x 2 inches … Hope seem to have changed the thickness of their standard rotors without telling anyone. Purchased 2 x 203mm rotors for my 2018 SC Hightower LT and they plain don't fit. The rear rotor rubs the frame where the caliper mounts due to the center of the rotor being too thick. They used to be 2 mm for the standard rotor, and there was an option of 1.8 mm on their Lightweight rotor.

Depending on your frame and fork mounting style as well as your desired rotor size, you may need a Hope disc brake adapter to correctly space your caliper. Front rotor rubs the fork on the caliper post mounts as well. Hope Floating Disc Rotor: 203mm Black — $65 Featuring a wider braking surface for compatibility with a wider variety of manufacturer's brakes, Hope's floating rotors allow for better heat management and have a machined radius on either edge of the brake rotor. Hope Floating Disc Brake Rotor This Hope Floating Disc Brake Rotor is precision laser cut from a custom sheet of steel and then heat-treated to produce a high-end, durable disc rotor.