However, compared to other stars, our Sun is only a medium-sized star, meaning that some stars are much larger than the Sun and some are much smaller. And although it is 330,000 more massive than earth and contains 99.8% of the mass in our solar system, it is small in comparison with some other stars. Our Sun is 864,000 miles in diameter and 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface. The Sun is a pretty small star as compared with the giants in the Universe.Only about one out of one hundred stars are more than eight times as massive as our Sun. The Size of the Sun in Comparison with Other Stars in the Universe. Within the whole universe, the sun is quite small compared to the enormous stars that exist beyond our solar system. Our Sun is an average sized star: there are smaller stars and larger stars, even up to 100 times larger. by Jonathan O'Callaghan, 10 July 2012 In the grand scheme of the cosmos, it turns out our Sun isn’t that big at all. It is an orange-red giant with a diameter as high as 52 times the size of the Sun and is about 150 times as bright as the Sun. Sun is an average star.There are much,large stars like Vy cannis majoris which is 1800 times larger than Sun Small stars such as proxima centuari is only 12% mass of Sun and 14 size of Sun … Pollux, also designated Beta Geminorum is an orange-hued evolved giant star approximately 34 light-years from the Sun in the northern constellation of Gemini.It is the closest giant star to the Sun. In a dramatic and popular video featured on YouTube , the relative sizes of planets and stars are shown from smallest to largest. The sun's circumference is about 2,713,406 miles (4,366,813 km). Our Sun is much closer to us than any other star. The largest star that scientists have discovered is called Mu Cephei. The following article informs the reader of the size of the Sun. The sun is closer to this planet than all of the other stars. Most stars, about nine out of ten… In this guide, we will discuss how big is the Sun compared to Earth, as well as other facts related to our Sun: like how far the Sun is from the earth, how hot the sun is, as well as other intriguing facts. Look close and you can see the speck that represents Jupiter. How big is the Sun compared to other stars. comments. The sun is a G2V star, or a yellow dwarf. The largest star, Mu Cephei is so large you could fit over one billion of our Suns inside of it! The Sun Compared to Other Stars . It can be kind but it can get angry. The Big Bang theory is supported by evidence that the universe is shrinking. It also compares the Sun to other stars in the Universe and gives a very brief description of those stars.