The Collective Unconscious can be accessed via the Brain Tumbler or a PSI-Popper Generator. Living life with the mind and body as the rulers is the epiphany of the matrix. The collective unconscious is a concept originally defined by psychoanalyst Carl Jung and is sometimes called the objective psyche.It refers to the idea that a segment of the deepest unconscious mind is genetically inherited and is not shaped by personal experience. Somehow, someway, everyone is only accessing enough of the collective unconscious mind to remain under the line of consciousness, in unconsciousness, as dummies. Meditation is beyond a spiritual or religious practice; it’s a key to figuring out what you consist of.

Many religions use meditation because of the power to tap into this Collective Unconscious … View more. The process of becoming aware, however, makes quite a bit of difference and allows us to get the most out of this ability and begin to cultivate it rather than experiencing it haphazardly. The truth is that we are all tapping into the collective consciousness rather frequently without actually being aware of it. Tapping into the collective consciousness is very easy though it will take a small amount of patience, practice and trust to gain reliable results. There are many ways to tap into this Collective Unconscious, one of the main ones being through yourself. Concept of Collective Unconscious at Jung . Sit crossed legged, spine straight and hands at the heart center with middle fingers pointing upwards and fingertips touching lightly. Each doorway is the path to a certain mind/level. As soon as one begins to release the specialised genetic locks from their mind, the greater consciousness will begin to flow into their conscious awareness. Though initially Jung followed the Freudian theory of unconscious as the psychic strata formed by repressed wishes, he later developed his own theory to include some new concepts. Jung's concept of collective unconscious was developed at the time when he was working with schizophrenic patients in Burgholzli psychiatric hospital.. Jung felt we can directly access the collective unconscious via our dreams. 165 views. The body imprisons the soul, limiting and manipulating it into believing it is a sentient (5 senses) being. We can remember our dreams, look for the archetypes, then interpret the wisdom the archetype offers. The Collective Unconscious is the central hub from which the player can access all available Mental Worlds. For example, if we dream of an old man talking to us, we can decide it is a sign we are on the right track in life and approaching our personal inner wisdom. The most important part of accessing the consciousness is to disconnect or release from one’s intellectual or genetic specialisations.