Also known as beach glass, these tiny bits of smooth glass come in a wide variety of colors, with some being more rare than others. When wet, beach glass is brightly colored and translucent, making it easy to spot. I like to collect beach glass while I'm there. Sea glass is a glass-like material that is the result of various minerals being tumbled in sandy salt water until they reach a naturally polished state.

It really is trash no matter how we think of it. While some collectors prefer their glass in this more natural state, others wish to clean the film away, leaving a nice shine its place. I want to put it in the dishwasher to clean & sterilize it, but alot of it is tiny pieces. I go to the lake quite often, as I am only 5 min away. When dry, it is often covered in a thin white film -- a remnant of years of exposure to sea water. How to Clean Sea Glass 09 Mar 2014 by Cathy While some sea glass collectors give their sea glass a quick rinse in the ocean water when they’re done collecting it, many others prefer to wash their sea glass at home after a day collecting it on the beach. If not, what else would? Just stop and think about the sea glass that you have picked up. Any suggestions on how to clean it? If you are lucky enough you have found a dumping ground, or even a deserted beach where people run their dogs, or any beach for that matter the sea glass has had an unknown journey. Do you think putting it in a nylon stocking would work?