If you already have an account for Civil E-filing you can use that log in for Criminal E-filing; If you don't have an account click the Register Now link; Your user name in E-filing is your email address. In some states, a private citizen can apply for a complaint, but there’s no guarantee that a complaint will actually be filed. – Nathan Hecht, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Texas However, it is illegal for a person or company to falsely impersonate a state agency. Again, the typical party to file a criminal complaint is the prosecutor’s office with jurisdiction over the offense. The investigation or inquiry may be conducted by a Department supervisor or the Office of Inspector General. You can file a complaint by filling out the personnel complaint affidavit.
(The Texas Government Code, Section 614.022, provides that all complaints to be considered on law enforcement officers must be in writing and signed by the person making the complaint.) SUMMARY. A criminal proceeding in a Justice Court may be commenced by the filing of a complaint in the Justice of the Peace precinct in which the offense was committed or in which the accused resides. Allegations contained in a formal complaint investigation may have … Getting Started . Citizens should be aware that this is a violation of the Texas Penal Code and, if found guilty, is punishable by … Every branch of Texas government, particularly the judiciary, is committed to applying technology that enables everyone access to our justice system. Two voting rights advocates have filed a complaint with the Dallas County district attorney, alleging Attorney General Ken Paxton committed voter fraud in each of the state's 254 counties by contradicting a judge's order expanding the availability of mail-in voting during the pandemic. The purpose of the investigation is to seek out the facts in a particular situation and to ascertain the truth. The Office handles criminal cases on appeal only and has no jurisdiction in civil matters or to investigate or prosecute crimes in a trial court. You may file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General at:

Nueces County DOES NOT charge fees for criminal E-filing. In summary, while we may assist in criminal investigations, we are not primarily an Harris County is divided into eight (8) Justice of the Peace precincts, each of which has two (2) Justices of the Peace. criminal case as a result of the incident described in your complaint and will not, except in the most unusual circumstances, substitute our judgment for that of the investigating officer. Rarely, citizens will file a false complaint against police employees. Go to the Texas E-file website. Voters File Criminal Complaint Against Texas AG Ken Paxton Over Mail-In Voting Threats. Criminal E-Filing Mandated in Texas and Supported by eFileTexas. Who Can File a Complaint.