The trail continues with a moderate-steep climb up the Northern Tarawera Track to the Tarawera Outlet. Lake Okataina was an important link in pre-European travel routes, when canoes were carried from Lake Tarawera to Lake Okataina. Visit Lake Okataina Overview Hotels Things to do.

Most of the lakes are open all year round, and if fishing is your thing, then you'll be spoiled for choice. There are a number of bays and long arms that reach into long wooded valleys. Situated on the shore of Rotorua's beautiful and pristine Lake Okataina and surrounded by 4,500 hectares of native bush, enjoy almost total seclusion as the Lodge is the only building on the entire Lake! The lake is beautiful to swim in in summer & we are right across the road from a lovely sandy beach.

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Lake Tikitapu also known as Blue Lake is an exceptionally popular site for water sports such as water skiing, jet skiing, rowing and power boat racing.
Lake Okaro/Ngakaro is the smallest of the Rotorua lakes under public management. A boat ramp with access to Lake Wallula, a 64-mile-long reservoir perfect for water skiing, jet skiing and waterfowl hunters. The lake is very deep and has very cold water. Beautiful, native forest surrounds this pristine lake with Mt Tarawera, an extinct volcano, providing a dramatic backdrop. Rotorua Lakes.

The lake and surrounding scenic reserve is remote and beautiful, with native bush down to the water's edge containing fine examples of rimu, totara, rata and kahikatea.

Anglers can fish for walleye, sturgeon and other varieties. A good mix of bush/lake views and terrain.

The lake has an average depth of 12.5 m and at its deepest point is 18 metres. The wade is worth it, as there are great views of Mount Tarawera from the water. Not many places to … The south side of the lake also has good swimming beaches which are accessible from the walkway and from the lookout carpark between the Blue and Green Lakes. 90% of the waters are filled with various trout, so they're a magnet for fly fishermen, anglers and holidaymakers. and is appreciated for its quiet rural setting, it is surrounded by farms and is also a popular water-skiing spot. get to know your fish finder it’s a big advantage to a serious angler. Lake size: 1080 ha Catchment area: 6290 ha Lake Ōkareka is 15 minutes drive from Rotorua and is close to Lake Tikitapu, Rotokakahi and Tarawera.Ōkareka is popular year round, with beaches accessible by car and boat.Activities include picnics or barbeques, swimming, water skiing, yachting, kayaking, waka ama, and rainbow trout fishing. Our guide to the lakes of Rotorua. It's a great water-skiing spot, and is surrounded by picturesque farmland. There are: 41 lakes with a surface area larger than 10 km² (1000 ha) 229 lakes greater than 0.5 km² (50 ha) The pond is a spring-fed arm of Lake Wallula and is stocked with rainbow trout. A lovely walk along the Eastern side of Okataina - the full walk to the top of Lake Tarawera is 10.5km one way. (shallow water trolling with flies) fold fold fold fold tip: a fish finder (sounder) is a must, this will show depth - smelt - trout depth, speed & temperature.

There are also a number of lakeside and bush walks around the Lake.