A műsort sugározta a Nick Jr., YTV, CBeebies, ABC1 és a Sjónvarpið televízió is. Disney Games with : These are the results on Disney Junior for your search - Lazy Town Sportacus Hero Training

Sportacus trains Ziggy in the art of being a hero, but when Ziggy accidentally destroys the clubhouse, everyone is angry with him. Fresh and free online games - funny and biggest world games collection. Lazy Town Superhero Challenge Choose your character then rotate the wheel on the left to see what a day it will fall. Lazy Town Games Online. lazy town sportacus hero training. A Lazy Town izlandi gyermekműsor, melynek szereplői és maga a stáb is izlandi, de kaptak segítséget az elkészítéshez az Amerikai Egyesült Államokból és az Egyesült Királyságból is. So do these steps as the figure shows the … Disney Junior Games These are the results on Disney Junior for your search - Lazy Town Sportacus Hero Training. Ziggy is running around town pretending to be the superhero Sportacandy, while Pixel and the other kids make plans to build a clubhouse. Ziggy's heroic efforts are more of a hindrance than a help, and an insomniac Robbie is desperate to get some sleep.

Enjoy with hero of lazy town over the obstacle of robbie rotten and collect as much as possible of coins to reach the highest score. Feature GAME - 200+ Challenging Levels Survival - 3 Different Game Modes - Lightweight Game - High Speed Runner-Different Game Modes-Lightweight Game-Simply Game - lovely game for Kids a all Played by Magnús Scheving: The super-healthy hero of the show, hailing from “an island in the North Sea” (a reference to Iceland, LazyTown‘s country of origin).Sportacus encourages the kids of LazyTown to eat “sports candy” (his term for fruits and vegetables), and to play outside instead of just sitting around indoors playing video games or eating junk food.