Six things to know about chat in Microsoft Teams. how to remove recent activity / chat / file I have a meeting room for Microsoft Teams Meeting, and that meeting rooms can be used by many people. Teams channel data. From your activity feed, tap Filter to show only certain types of messages such as unread messages, @mentions, replies, and likes. To customize your notifications, tap More > Settings > Notifications.From there tap Open settings to access your iOS settings for Teams. You may need to cache and use these ids as keys for local storage. However, it you just want to disable the user from being searched in Teams, you can use PowerShell to just do that: In Microsoft Teams, select Activity to see your Activity feed, a summary of everything that's happened in the team channels you follow. The channelData object contains Teams-specific information and is the definitive source for team and channel IDs. ... From the Activity feed, select Filter to show certain types of messages such as unread messages, @mentions, replies, and likes. Or planned to be released at any point? Nor do I see a way to delete left tab Chat entries. Would be nice to keep it nice and tidy. Use the feed options to select team or individual activity. While you can't delete an entire chat conversation in Teams, you can hide the chat … Thanks, Ben

when in the meeting using TEAMS there are some private chat / file that other people should not know. Since the user who leaves the company will not need any Microsoft services or licensing anymore, you can simply go to the Microsoft Azure portal and completely delete the user. Im not seeing a easy away to delete left tab Activity - Notifications/Recent entries. Is this even available?