Frogs, toads, and lizards.

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Download Your Nature Scavenger Hunt PDF Printable Here . I love finding ways to incorporate nature into fun learning activities for kids! It is also my one of my favorite ways to overcome one of those rough days we all have. Collect the material that you need: a pencil and something to write on. Instructions. Crayons, colored pencils, or markers. Nature Scavenger Hunt with FREE PRINTABLE. So, pack a picnic, print your nature scavenger hunt printables (there is a link to download the Nature Scavenger Hunt PDF Printable below), dress for the weather, and head outdoors to explore. Nature Scavenger Hunt {with free printable} A few years ago, I designed a simple scavenger hunt for my boys, and it was a lot of fun.

Download and print a copy of to go search! A spider web. This nature scavenger hunt is a great outdoor activity to get those kids moving (and outside). A free printable of fun objects in nature to go have a Nature Scavenger hunt for kids! The following are some ideas to get you started designing your own scavenger list: Things to See. Print out, or write down the items on the scavenger hunt sheet so you will have a record when you go outside. Scavenger Hunt Ideas. More Activities for Kids on Break or the Weekends The possibilities for a nature scavenger hunt are endless! Leaves from an oak or maple tree. Color in items as you go or draw/write about your discoveries in the blank boxes. Find a quiet place in nature that you can search for the items on the scavenger hunt sheet. Insects, such as a butterfly, dragonfly, grasshopper, and beetle. We love using nature scavenger hunts in our schooling.Its a fun and perfect thing to get kids outside and using their observation skills. Modify our list to fit your scene (park, nature center, woods, seashore, backyard, etc.) Our printable Nature Scavenger Hunt.

It continues to be a very popular post, so I thought it would be fun to design an updated version. My kids love to go on walks, so sometimes we take an outdoor game, like this one, and it keeps it interesting. Be sure to checkout our 20+ Nature Crafts for Kids and 20+ Boredom Busters for Kids too.

Today I have rounded up a listing of over twenty Nature Scavenger Hunt Ideas! Wildflowers.

Be sure to go to the original source to download a printable version of many of them. And our Nature Scavenger Hunt is a very simple, and very fun way to help you and your kids have fun in the great outdoors! Check out our Nature Walk Trail Signs for another outdoor adventure.