By Dr. Laura Riley The condition can deprive your baby of oxygen and nutrients and cause severe bleeding that can be dangerous to you both. This can happen before or during labor. When it happens, it’s usually sudden. Placental Abruption During Labor Get familiar with the signs and symptoms of placental abruption and find out if you're at risk for this pregnancy complication.

Placental abruption affects about 1% of pregnant woman. This can cause bleeding and complications for a mother and her baby.

Placental Abruption During Labor: Causes, Symptoms, Legal Assistance Failure to Provide Emergency Treatment Can Cause Life-Long Disability or Death Placental abruption is relatively uncommon, but when it happens, it can be life-threatening for both mother and child. It can occur at any time after 20 weeks of pregnancy, but it’s most common in the third trimester .

Placental abruption occurs during a pregnancy when the placenta detaches from the uterine wall too early. A placental abruption also increases the risk that your baby will have growth problems (if the abruption is small and goes unnoticed), be born prematurely, or be stillborn.