New … Wait for complete cure. This page is the ongoing story of my efforts to restore a Rhodes 19 sailboat. Needless to say, I am upset. Fx 508 644-3002 Separate, and then apply sealant (4200), fibreglass or heat shrink elect. D & R Marine 14 Water St Assonet, Ma 02702. Unfortunately, a couple of summers ago we moved out to the country, away from our home on the lake. Keel bolt Torque Specifications. Sail number 1466 on mains and spinnaker.
It has a open cuddy, two shelves inside, a forepeak locker, and a storage locker on the starboard cockpit seat. Rhodes 19 Repairs > Schmicker 1960's Rhodes 19 Keel Sailboat NY restoration - repair hull hole & flange; replace ribs & mast plank, keel bolts, rubrail; refinish coaming boards, floor boards; install standing rigging, headsail furler; replace jib sheeting system; prep, prime & paint hull, deck, seat boxes; bottom paint hull; replace jib sail; service outboard

The keel to hull joint and exterior seam should be sealed with Marine Adhesive Sealant 4200.

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Second-hand sailing boats boat for sale in Alicante. After full cure, lift hull (& keel) clear of ground and re-torque to ultimate target. DACROMATISED STEEL BOLTS TYPE 8-8. The keel bolts thread inside of the helicoils. This classically styled fixed keel (fin keel) Rhodes 19 is a great day sailer for up to six people and spirited one-design racer - when raced on Sunapee it was competitive with Star class boats. Rhodes 19 Sailboat Restoration Project. Baker 1988 Rhodes 19 Keel Sailboat "Molly Meg" RI (29) refurbish - keel service, bottom painting, fiberglass detailing, rubrail service, mast repair, replace standing rigging, service sails…

The keel was removed, sand blasted,and reattached w/ new keel bolts by the boat yard. tubes around bolts, re-mate, fill around bolts with high density filler and torque to 100ftlbs supporting hull of its own weight & keel resting on terra firma. printable rhodes 19 parts list Stuart Marine Corp. parts and services are guaranteed to meet or exceed your boat's original design specifications.

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Keel & Ribs Overhaul in 2003. Back in the day, O’Day used to deliver Rhodes’ hulls and keels separately to retailers who would then mount the keels for the customer. 1972 O'Day Rhodes 19 Sailboat (Centerboard model) - $3200 (Brooklyn, WI) One of our favorite things to do is pack a lunch or dinner (with a bottle of wine, of course) and go sailing with Red Sky. Keel Bolts - 1975 Islander 36 The lifespan of 36 years has taken it's toll on this beautiful I36. Features: Used boat Rhodes Ranger 29, 8.7 metres in length, 1963. Floorboards were repaired or replaced, painted gray, and re-installed over the new timbers. She also needed a lot of TLC work. I have since discovered the manufacturer of the boat embeds helicoils into the cast iron keel. I asked the boat yard to check my keel bolts.