Scott Morrison is flying back from Hawaii today, amid questions about why the bloody hell he jetted off there in the first place, when Australia is in the middle of an ongoing bushfire crisis. He added that he had heard rumours Mr Morrison was in Hawaii. A post shared by Scott Morrison (@scottmorrisonmp) on Dec 14, 2019 at 1:19pm PST As seriously as we take investigative journalism, we don’t have enough $$$ to jump on a flight to Maui and suss it out so we thought the next best thing would be to ask his staff. Scott Morrison has been spotted catching a flight to Hawaii instead of dealing with the bushfire crisis currently happening in Australia. Twitter. Facebook. Scott Morrison Quashes Hawaii Rumours With Visit To Bushfire-Ravaged Community. With rumours circulating that Scott Morrison, wife Jenny and their two daughters were spotted boarding a plane destined for Hawaii on Monday, hashtags #WhereThe BloodyHellAreYou, #WheresScotty and #HawaiiSmoko are trending on Twitter. ... Mr Morrison finished by saying he expects a retraction and apology from the news stations and papers who reported he was in Hawaii and that Smooth-hands McCormack was left as the Acting Prime Minister. The prime minister is on leave - and social media is on fire.