First we'll see what Ingress and Ingress … Using LetsEncrypt with Kubernetes ... As described on the Let's Encrypt community forum, when using the TLS-ALPN-01 challenge, Traefik must be reachable by Let's Encrypt through port 443. Still with the alpha/beta features but not that much (it's been here since v1.1), this week we'll focus on the Ingress resource that makes publishing services a lot easier. You can configure Traefik to use an ACME provider (like Let's Encrypt) for automatic certificate generation. Let's Encrypt and Rate Limiting Note that Let's Encrypt API has rate limiting . Routing Configuration ¶ See the … … This document is intended to be a fully working example demonstrating how to set up Traefik in Kubernetes , with the dynamic configuration coming from the IngressRoute Custom Resource , and TLS setup with Let's Encrypt . The Traefik Kubernetes Ingress provider is a Kubernetes Ingress controller; that is to say, it manages access to a cluster services by supporting the Ingress specification. Traefik with an IngressRoute Custom Resource Definition for Kubernetes, and TLS Through Let's Encrypt.