100 Inspirational Songs about Having Hope for the Future. You can be lonely in the world―someone separate, solitary, and isolated from your fellow travelers. With or without parents, with all our struggles, all our emotions and those special friends, no wonder people sing about it all the time. Below is a list, yes, a LIST of songs that you can choose from … Home / Uncategorized / Songs About Growing Up That Will Make You Walk the Memory Lane . People are often threatened by those around them who appear to be different from them, have the things they desire or cause them to reflect on their own lives. It’s a hard thing to put into words what it feels like to come home after a long time away, but these touching sayings do just that. Quotes About Coming Home. You’ll be ready to plan your next trip home in no time. It’s always a heavy experience to turn back and look at the way we grew up. The loneliness of having lost something or someone you were once close to. Many believe that the perfect music in the morning can make your day. There’s road-weary lonely, stuck-at-home lonely, lonely and surrounded by strangers, lonely because you want to be, and lonely because you don’t know any other way to be. Top 12 Most Iconic Songs About Work Recruitment After love, sex, alcohol, money, cars and religion, work has been the single most popular subject of pop songs for decades – how we hate it, why we need it, office politics, how the grass is always greener on the other side, and why many of us hate the thought of Monday morning. In case you are in need of an instant "pick me up", here's an article just for you. No matter whom you are or what you do, trust the fact that not everyone will applaud your efforts, support your dreams or celebrate your successes. Something so special that people even write songs about it. There is something oh so special about coming home. Songs about being strong, not giving up on yourself or whatever you're facing, are prevalant in music.