In defiance of his mother's domain, he chose Malice to be his special concern. Sorcery! ... One of the cornerstones of the shrine roof give way! 2 from the title screen to the final credits, Brother of Tanit. Parts 1 & 2. Shrine Edit. Sorcery 2: Temple of Slangg, Easy Question Reward If I correctly answered the Easy Question and chose the reward for 'I wish to be rich beyond imagination', the Priest said my game character "will" be rich but not right away. It is thought that he is the son of Asrel. From the heavens comes a deep and distant rumbling -- thunder, out over the Baklands. These spells are available at the Temple of Courga.

Slangg is the god of Malice.
Destroy the Temple of Slangg! He will appear as a young man, who the Analander will later call 'the young liar', and will offer some confusing and rather worthless advice.

People begin to cry and shout, and race for the exit. Move on to the top of the temple and cast TAK, close your fist to get a gold-backed mirror or a Black Face mask if you got the Mirror from the hut and had the glue.. To do this, you will need Sirisi's answer. 2 complete strategy guide and walkthrough will lead you through every step of Sorcery! A few minutes later, you are in the midst of a torrential … The Priest looks about in confusion, then down at you. The North Gate Leave the temple and go to the fork. You fashion the stars into alignment -- and an enchantment is created! 'You are powerful,' He murmurs. IGN's Sorcery! Slangg can be met in the streets in Lower Kharé, near the Artist's Quarter. Slangg's Shrine is near the Docks in Kharé. **NOTE** If you went to the shrine earlier and followed Slangg, you can still perform the ritual and follow Coruga. He backs aways.