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I reached lvl 25 and i was expecting a reward of an empowered cosmic gem as they give you the gems when you reach the needed lvl. Cosmic Gems are a type of gem that can be equipped in the Character Sheet to grant stats. Cosmic Trends opens for you the doors to ethnic India and as you travel through our pages, each of which has unique products, you will be amazed to hit upon a treasure trove of one of a kind Antique reproduction containing intricacy and great skill.

Am I the only one that doesn't have a space to add the cosmic gems?

Trove - Level 25 Boost Pack steam key free. ••~Discover hidden gems of the cosmos~•• Pins ~ Clothing ~ Jewelry ~Formerly known as: The Pindustry If you know how to complete the trophies listed please add your hints to help others. Free Steam Keys! Current Value – The current stat value on your gem. Now available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Mac, and PC! Steam Giveaways. - I have lesser cosmic gems but no way to equip them.

Check …

Stat Name – The stat assigned to a specific stat slot. Lesser Cosmic Gems can be obtained from Cosmic Gem Boxes, while Empowered Cosmic Gems can be obtained randomly from Empowered Gem Boxes, Club Empowered Gem Boxes or Stellar Empowered Gem Boxes, or as a guaranteed drop from Cosmic Empowered Gem Boxes.. Players will unlock their … Free CD Key. Or am I supposed to do something in game to get the new gem slots? Rake in a shimmering hoard of treasure and collectible items from the deepest and darkest places in Trove. I have the old format with only the Water (blue), Air (yellow) and Fire (red) gem slots on the gems tab. Karma Tooltip [Mod] Posted over 3 years ago; 96 downloads; Now this is going to be a handy mod to have if ever there was one. The Gems in Trove help you reach higher Power Ranks and customize your characters to fit any situation!

Adventure, explore, and create in endless realms where discovery is always around the corner! With this mod, you get a special new tip menu when hovering your cursor over the Karma bar that will tell you exactly how many chests you need to fill your karma bar, with an additional number telling how many you'll need with Patron active. Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows Store Update Take aim at these great deals with the release of the new Zen Archer class The new Zen Archer has finally arrived to the Earthen Realm with the new Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows update and to celebrate, we’re putting some amazing offers in the Hongmoon Store, which are available now! FREE STEAM GAMES. Cosmic Gems, Boulder, Colorado. Trove Geode Expansion Adds New Planet, Bomber Royale Mode: Jun 27, 2018: Trove 'Heroes' Update Adds Comic Book-Inspired Content Next Week: Mar 20, 2018 Games Key. How do I get empowered cosmic gems So I have finisher all adventures excluding the caves. Trove Trophy List • 34 Trophies • 80,396 Owners • 10.43% Average