Some cool facts are that, San Luis Rey De Francia is also known as ‘‘King Of Missions’’ because of its size, its population and its crop production. The mission was the ninth and the last mission to be founded by Fer President Lasuen. Mission San Luis Rey de Francia is located on Highway 76 in Oceanside, and it is on a big piece of property, so it is hard to miss. (1823) Mission San … After parking, the first thing you notice will be the large mission facade that holds both the chapel and the museum. Items can be donated and shipped directly to Mission San Luis Rey Parish to help local families in need, or monetary donations can be made through the parish donations link. The Mission.

(1804) Mission Santa Inés 20. San Luis Rey’s stately church and long corridor with 32 Roman arches spanning the front of the convento, has been carefully restored. Mission San Luis Rey had the largest number of Native Californian converts in the entire Mission chain. (1797) Mission San Fernando Rey de España 18. The mission has a modern museum and many unique attractions.

San Luis Rey de Francia was founded on June 13, 1798. The missions were turned into parishes and the lands were sold or … There is a large dirt parking lot for cars. 17. At one time the Mission San Luis Rey owned 22,010 head of cattle, 23,532 sheep, and over 8,000 head of horse stock, more than any other mission. Some are still there today. Also San Luis Rey De Francia is almost as big as 2 football fields! Name: Mission San Luis Rey de Francia Founded: June 13, 1798 Founder: Father Fermin Lasuen Number: 18th mission out of 21 missions Largest mission in California San Luis Rey planted the first pepper tree in California. Father Peyri was extremely popular with the local Natives and he cultivated what would eventually become a thriving community. (1817) Mission San Rafael Arcángel 21. The End of the Mission Period The secularization process caused great hardship for … It was named after St Luis IX, King of France,and patron of Seculat Franciscan order. The mission is named for Louis IX, King of France (1215-1270). Our Franciscan priests, brothers, and the staff of the Parish and Mission are keeping all of you and our world in prayer during these challenging times. Despite his hard work and local popularity, the Mexican Government mandated that Father Peyri return to Spain in 1832. The glory days would soon be over, however, when in 1833 the Decree of Secularization was issued by Mexican Governor Jose Echeandia, and in 1835 all of the Missions had been secularized. This eighteenth mission quickly became the most prosperous of the California missions. (1798) Mission San Luis Rey de Francia 19. After its dedication, Mission San Luis Rey de Francia was left in the care of Father Antonio Peyri. Mission San Luis Rey de Francia was founded 13 June 1798 by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén.