Written by. And the Vatican is NOT one of them. Oh, and take solid leather shoes that won't let the water in easily.

Its beauty has been the … – Alberto Sordi.

Rainfall in Rome tends to occur with little warning, but doesn't usually last long -- prepare for the occasional thunderstorm or mild shower by packing a light rain jacket and umbrella. Going to a funeral in Italy? There is no rule that you have to dress as the Italians do, but if you don’t want to stand out as a tourist there are a few simple tips to follow. What to Wear for 70 Degree Weather and Rain. If you want to mix up with the indigenous people, you got to dress up like them. 10 Things to do in Rome on a Rainy Day. My husband and I are going to Rome, Florence, and Venice from 3/15-3/25. For sight-seeing in May in Rome, here is the ideal way to dress: Extremely comfortable shoes/sturdy walking sandals; Light cotton long pants or capri pants, or a long skirt; T-shirt or polo or other light cotton top; Cardigan, pullover, and/or light jacket in your bag It is a well known fact that Rome is one of the most beautiful cities of Italy and Europe. Don't you think everyone else visiting Rome is thinking the same? The Best Time to Visit Rome. Melanie Mize Renzulli is a travel writer and consultant focused on Italian tourism. 7 things to do in Rome when it rains. . The bigger the city the more trendy, and the smaller the town the more laid back. What to do in Rome when it rains Visiting the Pantheon Rome on a rainy day. Here’s what the weather in Rome is typically like for most of the fall: balmy (think highs of 73°F/23°C in October, getting down to 62°F in November), with clear, sunny days and crisp nights. Melanie Renzulli. In Rome, all that rains tends to come in major downpours and thunderstorms rather than a continuous drizzle.

. Learn more about what to bring and NOT to bring to Italy! When touring a new city, encountering bad weather can be rain on anyone’s parade. Rome averages 837.3 mm (33 inches) of rain per year, while London gets 583.6 mm (23 inches). Very excited. This is exactly what to expect from the weather in Rome in October and what to wear while you’re there. We recommend that you pack no more than three pairs of shoes, so you could pack your Sorel wedges and then another pair of flat shoes in case you find your wedges uncomfortable for the cobblestone roads. During spring, Rome can get chilly in the evening so pack a … Rome is not like any other city. Image: Got a date? What to wear in Rome - travelers guide to Rome, Italy. For more packing tips, and a downloadable packing list, visit my page about What to Pack for Rome.. What to Wear in Rome in May. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Pair it up with your favorite hunter boots to keep yourself dry. Visiting Rome in October means a slightly cooler, more manageable climate for sightseeing. Image: A yellow raincoat is the perfect color for 70 degree weather. What to Wear to Italy in March (And What Not to Pack) Just like many destinations, travel fashion in Italy really does depend on the area you are in. Rome in November - shifting into low season. i'm trying to figure out the weather during day and night. Rome Tourism Rome Accommodation Rome Bed and Breakfast Rome Holiday Rentals It is a building with so much history. Instagram; Jillian Dara is a freelance travel writer and fact checker. Looking at the weather forecast seems like couple of days there would be rain followed by couple of days of sunshine/partly cloudy and again rain will follow. I have been reading many reviews about what to wear in Rome and now am very confused about what I should be buying. Updated 04/13/20. The Pantheon should be on any Rome Bucket List. The beautiful city of Rome is also the capital of Italy and has been a tourist attraction for many years. I would just have a plan of museums and churches that you want to see sometime and prioritise those if it is raining. will i need a heavy coat or will layers with a light jacket be ok? Women – Your clothing choices will depend largely on the season you are visiting Rome. My hunband will be in Rome June 1st and were going to take capri pants, walking shorts, summer dress, tank/tub/halter tops....open toes sandles, for site seeing during the day. The best advice I can give you is to ensure that you pack shoes which you find comfortable and can stand to wear for the hours of sightseeing you are bound to do. An ancient neighborhood (it was the location of Rome’s urban port), Testaccio has a lot of heart, few tourists… and, since it’s not quite as cobblestoned-street-picturesque as other, more central neighborhoods in Rome, it’s a great place to wander on a rainy day, when you won’t worry about not getting those perfect, sunny photographs. Don’t let the rain stop you! It’s a little harder to know what to pack and wear in Rome because the weather is less predictable. Inside Rome: What to Wear - Before you visit Rome, visit Tripadvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by travelers.